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A number of SABLE-related resources are publicly available. The latest draft of SABLE, along with the latest SABLE XML DTD, can always be found at the following web addresses:, and One can also find on-line demos of subsets of SABLE at those sites. Experimental tools for SABLE will also be available at the Edinburgh site: XML-based parsers/interpreters will be available to interface between SABLE and Festival (, and between SABLE and the Bell Labs/Lucent Technologies TTS system. The tools can be downloaded and adapted for one's own favorite TTS system, or else they can be used as the basis for developing one's own SABLE application.

Finally, there is an e-mail discussion group for SABLE. To join this, send a message to To succeed as a standard that benefits both commercial and academic users, it is important for SABLE to be designed with input from many sources. In addition to informing the speech community of the status of the SABLE initiative, it is our hope that this paper will increase participation and interest in its development.

Richard Sproat